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Most Trusted Security Solution to Keep Your Website Safe is one of the most trustworthy and efficient names in the software security industry offering the best security solutions. With a large range of viruses always sneaking in the background it is very crucial to safeguard our devices and networks from such dangers. With always running in the background it will act as a perfect shield not letting your computer slow down. Besides blocking viruses from entering our device it will also help to remove any already existent virus from our computer.

Why is Antivirus Protection Necessary for your Website?

Antivirus protection is something that every website requires even if the site is not drawing a lot of traffic. Hackers are just everywhere ready to attack. A website antivirus ensures the safety of your site by identifying the areas where hackers can get access to the administrative panel or can attack visitors through spyware or other viruses.

We at www.Mcafee.Com/Activate take the security of your website seriously. With our Antivirus, we help several website owners to get rid of malware and backdoors from their sites. Our distinctive algorithms aid in detecting viruses, backdoors, PHP Mailers, Rootkits, Redirects etc. Our antivirus has the capability to detect viruses by analyzing the file code and then removing it.

Main Features of McAfee Support

The main features of McAfee com activate are as follows

  • Malware Removal to delete viruses from your site with just a click
  • Fast and effective detection of several Malware types like Javascript and MySQL, Trojan horses, PHP Mailers, Redirects and others
  • Code Analysis – With our PRO version we give you the option to send your files for an extensive analysis where our qualified professionals will detect any form of malicious code.
  • Security Scanner – Every single file is scanned for malware
  • Distinctive Heuristic Algorithms for recognizing unknown viruses –Through innumerable files on a website our antivirus can narrow down its search for website owners.
  • Everyday Cron system

List of Malware that can be detected by McAfee Support

  • Website Defacements
  • MySQL & JavaScript
  • PHP Mailers
  • Hidden iFrames
  • Phishing Page Detection
  • Website Backdoors & Redirects
  • Trojan Horses
  • Internet Worms
  • Adware & Spyware
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Website Anomalies

How Does McAfee Activate Work?

Registration – The process of McAfee Support registration begins with your website getting access to the session key in order to communicate with the Site Guarding API. Information about your website email and domain is communicated by Plugins to the Site Guardian server. Once the website registration process is complete you will be given a unique access key. All this will be carried out only after your confirmation. It should be noticed that information will go to Site Guarding only after taking your permission

Scanning – The plugin begins the scanning process by reading and analyzing all the files on your website. If a file contains a suspicious code, it will be sent to Site API for further analysis and for generation of a report. You will be sent the generated report for your assessment while a written copy will reach you via email.

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